Xavier Miguel is a kid in Caillou's playschool class. He and Emma are the newest major characters on the show being added at the beginning of season 3. Caillou doesn't know him and Emma as well as he knows everyone else in the class. Xavier has brown hair and always wears blue overalls and a yellow shirt. Xavier is from Mexico (Even though his name is English) and had a piñata at his birthday party. He speaks spanish like a Mexican. His family are villains! They own a taqueria and piñata Shop! The piñata s are made out of humans. The Tacos too! Okay. Why not? Xavier disapproves of this but has to go through it because he is forced to. Child abuse much. Okay?


  • Caillou's secret valentine
  • Playschool games
  • Xavier's Birthday
  • Deep seas Caillou
  • Caillou the brave
  • Caillou's marching band
  • Valentines day
  • Caillou goes apple picking
  • Caillou's show and tell
  • Caillou and the fire fighter
  • Caillou goes tobogganing
  • Caillou and the fire fighter
  • Caillou sings
  • Caillou and the police officer
  • A playschool party
  • Caillou the astronaut


  • Miss Martin called him the French pronunciation of his name (Za-vi-aey.)

Caillou's Preschool class
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