Next Stop, Fun! is an episode from Season 2 of "Caillou".


Caillou and his family ride a train, Caillou's Daddy says they have packed enough for the whole summer even though they are only going away for 2 whole days. The train comes and they get on. Caillou mentions that it looks like the train station is moving, but its really the other way around. When Caillou's Mommy puts Rosie down for a nap, Caillou's Daddy takes Caillou on a walk around the train. Caillou has to go to the bathroom bad and they fid it and Caillou doesn't know how to use it because it so small. In the next car, they fins the kitchen. The waiter in the kitchen says that her kitcheb is cool because it travels places. She tells Caillou were the restraunt is. They get ice cream, Stanley walks by and asks them if they've been everywhere. Caillou mentions the bathroom, the kitchen and the restruant but Stanley tells them about that dome car and says it like being on a plane in the train. After Caillou finishes his ice cream, he goes to the dome car. It has an awsome view. Caillou is confused about how it is like a plane. Caillou's Daddy mentions that Stanley was comparing it to being on plane. Later it is time for bed, Caillou has gone back to his room on the train. Stanley comes in and asks Caillou why the beds are not in the room yet, it is because, Caillou and Rosie haven't said the word sleep 3 times and clapped their hand when they do it the beds are there. Caillou's Mommy and Caillou's Daddy sleep on the bottom bed and Caillou and Rosie sleep together in the top one. Caillou is rocked to sleep by the sound of the train driving through the night.


  • It is likely that the train in this episode is VIA Rail Canada's Canadian or Ocean, since no other intercity passenger trains in North America have been equipped with dome cars on a regular basis since Amtrak retired almost all of its old Heritage Fleet cars in 1996. The Chicago-Indianapolis Hoosier State is equipped with a dome car after Iowa Pacific began providing equipment and on-board staff, but the train is not an overnight long-distance train.
  • Before Caillou and Rosie go to sleep, Rosie is seen playing with a cow and a wagon.


  • When the train starts driving Caillou's Daddy's shirt's colar is green, but in the rest of the episode it is red.

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