Storyteller: Caillou was waiting for his babysitter, Julie, to come and look after him. He loved it when Julie came over.

Dad: Still no sign of Julie, Caillou? She's never been this late before.

Mom: Well, I left messages everywhere, but I couldn't find another babysitter.

Dad: I'm sorry, honey. I guess we won't be going to the wedding after all.

Caillou: Hi, Mr. Hinkle!

Storyteller: Caillou liked Mr. Hinkle very much, and suddenly it dawned on him that Mr. Hinkle would make an excellent babysitter.

Caillou: Do you want to babysit me, Mr. Hinkle?

Mr. Hinkle: Me? Babysit you? Really?

Caillou: Mommy, Daddy, Mr. Hinkle's going to babysit me!

Mom: Caillou! I'm sorry, Mr. Hinkle. I really didn't mean for Caillou—

Mr. Hinkle: Don't be silly. I'd love to.

(Mom and Dad drive off to the wedding)

(Caillou, Rosie, and their "babysitter" are in the living room, and Caillou is riding on Mr. Hinkle's back)

Caillou: Faster, horsie! Faster! (giggles)

Mr. Hinkle: (neighs) How about a snack, kids?

Caillou: Can you bake a cake, Mr. Hinkle?

Storyteller: The last time Caillou went to visit Mr. Hinkle, he was baking a cake. And Caillou really wanted Mr. Hinkle to bake another one of his delicious cakes.

Mr. Hinkle: You really liked my cake, didn't you, Caillou? But since I won't be cooking in my kitchen, you're going to have to help me, okay?

Caillou: You can wear Mommy's apron so you won't get dirty.

Mr. Hinkle: We need 3 eggs. Can you get those for me, Caillou? Now we need some butter. That's great! Now do you know where your mommy keeps her pots and pans?

(doorbell rings)

Caillou: I'll get it! (he opens the door) Mrs. Martin!

Mrs. Martin: Hi, Caillou. I heard your mom needed someone to keep an eye on you today.

Caillou: Mr. Hinkle and me are making a cake.

Mrs. Martin: Hello, Mr. Hinkle. I'd love to help. What can I do?

(Caillou mixes the cake batter)

Mrs. Martin: Very good, Caillou. Now we have to add the most important part.

Caillou: Chocolate!

(doorbell rings)

Julie: Hi, Caillou! I'm so sorry I'm late. Wow! It looks like you now have 3 babysitters!

Mr. Hinkle: Hi, Julie! Are you here to take over?

Mrs. Martin: Well, I guess I'll get going, too, Caillou.

Caillou: But you can't leave yet! You have to stay and eat the cake!

Storyteller: Caillou was proud that he had helped bake the cake, and he was very happy that he had a lot of people to share it with.

Julie: This is delicious, Caillou!

Caillou: Mr. Hinkle and Mrs. Martin helped me, but it was my idea.

Mr. Hinkle: I think Rosie's enjoying it, too.

Mom: Hello! We're back!

Dad: Oh, hi, everyone. We came home early because we thought Mr. Hinkle would need some help.

Caillou: We're having a party!

Mom: I can see that! And you have cake! Look what we brought you.

Caillou: Thanks, Mommy, but ours is much better.


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