The Caillou Show is an episode in Season 1


Caillou, Leo and Clementine are at playschool. Ms.Martin tells them that the class will be having a class play, she then shows them some costumes and they pick the one they want : Caillou is a sun and Leo is a big rain cloud then Clementine is a sunflower. Ms. Martin then writes out play the play and they practice it a lot before they do it for their parents.

On the day of play, Clementine's mom and Leo's mom, Caillou's Mommy and Caillou's Daddy and Grandma and Grandpa come to see the play Mr. Hinkle also comes too and are seen in the the background. During the play Clementine is on stage first as flower needing some water after Caillou who is the sun has evaporated the water. Leo then comes out as the big rain cloud and rains down a lot of water, As a flower, Clementine is happy to get water but there is too much water and some needs to be dried up so Caillou comes out as the sun and dries up enough water and Clementine grows to be a tall flower.


  • This is the only episode that both Grandma and Mrs.Martin appear in.