Thanksgiving is an episode in Season 2 .


The episodes starts off with Caillou, Rosie and Caillou's Mommy playing the backyard. Caillou's Daddy comes back from the store with food for thanksgiving dinner and soon everyone goes inside to prepare for thanksginving dinner. Caillou couts some bread and Caillou's Daddy cuts the onions which makes him cry. Caillou later sets up the cornucopulia with a lot of fruit he then moves a large Apple but then all the fruit falls down of the table. Caillou's Mommy comes in helps Caillou put it back. After that, Caillou sees Gilbert playing with a leave he decideds that some leaves would make a great decoration for the table and he brings them in. Grandma and Grandpa then come and dinner begins. After dinner Caillou tries Grandma's pumkin pie and loves it.


  • When Caillou's Daddy was chopping onions, he was crying. Onions do not make people cry, they only make their eyes water!
  • this is by far the longest episode of caillou

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