Space Station Costume is a season 2 episode of Caillou


It Starts out where Leo is playing with his Rocket at the front door and Doris opens it then Caillou and Leo play with their rockets and Rosie wants Caillou to play with her teddy but Caillou doesn't want to Rosie sheds some tears then Doris tells Caillou and Leo to slow down and Grandpa tells them they're opening a planetarium Caillou wants to go so does Leo Grandpa even mentions that they're having a contest for the best space costume Then Caillou and Leo go outside Then Rosie wants Caillou to play with Teddy again then Caillou says No then Rosie cries then Doris thinks of a game they can play then Caillou and Boris eat cookies and drink milk and Boris tells Caillou to be kind to Rosie Then Doris gets what she needs Caillouband Boris are confused in the morning they get ready then Caillou sees Melenie at the door and she says that she's gonna win the contest then a guy video tapes Caillou,Leo,and Melenie walking and then the show starts the winner of the contest was Rosie and Doris.

Characters present

  • Caillou has a moon poster on his wall.