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Vital statistics
Name Sarah
Gender Female
Race {{{race}}}
Age 8
Family {{{Family}}}
Hair {{{hair}}}
Born March 22

Sarah is Caillou's friend. She is of Chinese ethnicity. She first appeared in the episode, Caillou walks around the block. She loves to think with her hair down. Sarah is a cute and for a very pretty 8-year-old girl with short black hair, wears a yellow button front dress with red elbow-length sleeves, collar and pockets, red socks, green and yellow sneakers & already goes to school. In the episode, Sarah's school. Caillou went to school with Sarah. She went to China in Sarah goes on a vacation, Sara is in third grade and celebrated Chinese New Year in "Caillou's Chinese New Year". Sarah has a cousin named Lee Juan and a cat named Olly. Her dog is named Murphy. She also one of the few kids on the show who has parents that appear in at least one episode.



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