Rover is a little white puppy with black spots. He has the same as Rosie's eyes but EXCEPT he has laser eyes. He has guns in paws, mega radar ears, sharp fangs, and tail sword. He was created in the "A.A." Or "Artificial Animal" wing of the "M.B.L.L" or "Maple Bacon Leaf Labs". He is part of an elite squad of secret intelligent animals. He is the clone of a deceased neighborhood dog found after the GCA War. He met Caillou during the episode Caillou is Scared of Dogs. He loves scaring, he enjoys it. Desires it. What a naughty pup. Huh. His enemy's are Caillou, Gilbert, Deeedee. He hates Caillou with passionate hate. Don't confuse Love with Hate. Okay. He may of had some involvement in Deedee's disappearance. Maybe okay He has been to space and survived.

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