Rosie Bothers Caillou
Production Number
1-11 (11)
March 16, 1998
Date Banned
May 25, 1998

Rosie Bothers Caillou is an episode from Season 1 that was banned by PBS Kids because Caillou talks back to Mommy and Caillou angrily shoves Rosie out of his room, before she starts repeatedly hitting the door with a book; Treehouse TV, PBS Kids, and PBS Kids Sprout refused to air this episode ever since then. At one time, stated that Caillou actually hit Rosie with the book, but this is obviously not true, as the episode would never have aired in the first place.


Caillou is building with his blocks in the living room. He has made a new tower but decides to tear it down and make a new one. Caillou finishes making his new it said that it is the tallest building ever built. Rosie then pushes Caillou's truck into the tower and soon it collapses and Caillou is mad and yells at Rosie and tells her not to do it again. Caillou then lines his blocks up into two rows to make a road. Then Rosie uses her duckie to mess it up, this time Caillou yells at her and tells her to go play with her own toys. Rosie then takes a couple of Caillou's blocks and runs off. Caillou is very angry and tells his mom to make Rosie stop bothering him. However, she only tells Caillou to work out his and Rosie's problems. Caillou doesn't seem to like the idea, so he leaves. He runs away to his room were he is happily reading until Rosie comes in. Caillou tells her to go away, but she won't. In return, Caillou pushes her off his bed and kicks her out of his room, bans her from coming in and closes the door. Rosie starts to cry and bangs on his door with a book. Caillou's Mommy then comes up, takes the book from Rosie and says, "Books are for reading, not for hitting!" Rosie keeps on crying. Caillou's mommy knocks on Caillou's door, she asks him if he made Rosie cry by kicking her out of his room. Caillou denies it. Caillou's mommy just looks at Rosie as if she can't do anything and takes Rosie to her room for a nap. Caillou stays in his room and plays by himself for a long, long time. He then sees a game but doesn't want to play alone, so he decides to give Rosie another chance. They then begin to have fun playing together and having a tickle fight when Caillou's Mommy comes in Caillou doesn't want her to bother them so she goes downstairs in relief.


Caillou: Go away Rosie! Go out of my room.

Rosie: No, no.

(Caillou opens door and kicks her out.)

Caillou: Stay out.

(Rosie starts crying)


Rosie Bothers Caillou


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