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Rosie's Doll is an episode in Season 1.


Caillou's Mommy is putting some makeup on and getting ready to go somewhere important. Caillou grabs her lipstick, but she takes it back and asks Caillou not to play with it. Julie arrives to babysit Caillou and Rosie. Soon, the three have dinner brush their teeth. Rosie leaves her doll in the bathroom when Julie takes her to bed. She reads her a story but Rosie falls asleep before she finishes the story. Meanwhile, Caillou goes and gets his mommy's makeup and begins putting it on Rosie's doll. Suddenly, Julie comes in, but he hides the makeup and puts Rosie's Doll in his toy box just in time. Rosie then calls Julie and says she wants her doll. Caillou says he hasn't seen it. But then Julie notices that a doll's hand is sticking out of Caillou's toy box. She asks Caillou to open the toy box and is mad when she sees that he has ruined Rosie's doll. Caillou begins to cry. Caillou's Mommy walks in and is upset that Caillou got into her makeup. Later Caillou tries to wash the makeup off Rosie's doll but it won't come off but, Rosie doesn't mind because she still love the doll.


  • Caillou doesn't hide his mommy's makeup but it disappears when Julie comes into his room!

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