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Rosie with a Teacup
Vital statistics
Title Rosie
Gender Female
Race White
Age 0 (Big Brother Caillou)

1 (Season 1)

2 (Rest of the Series)

Family Caillou, Mommy, Daddy, Gilbert
Hair Orange
"Rosie. She's my baby sister, and I love her. We play games together a lot and we have fun. I get to show her things I like, and sometimes I help take care of her. Because I'm her big brother."
—Caillou in end show segment discussing Rosie.

Rosie is Caillou's adorable and very beautiful two-year old sister (In the French novels by Christine L'Heureux that the show is based on, her name is Mousseline.) Rosie wears a blue dress with a light blue collar and a white sash, red socks and blue Mary Jane shoes in most episodes and has orange hair. Her room is upstairs, across the hall from Caillou's room, where she naps daily.

  • Calliou usually shows love to Rosie. In the episodes Halloween and Caillou's a Clown, she was scared of clowns but he was able to convince her to not be afraid of them.
  • Rosie's favourite song is "Ring Around the Rosie."
  • Rosie dosen't like beans, as shown in the episode Caillou becomes a waiter.



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