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Rosie with a Teacup
Vital statistics
Title Rosie
Gender Female
Race White
Age 0 (Big Brother Caillou)
2 (rest of the series)
Birthday October 12, 1998
Family Caillou (Older Brother), Doris (mother), Boris father, Gilbert
Hair Orange
Born October 12, 1998
Rosie is Caillou's adorable and very beautiful red-headed 0-2 year old sister. (In the French novels by Christine L'Heureux that the show is based on, her name is Moussline.)

About Rosie

  • Rosie has short red hair and she wears a blue long-sleeved calf-length dress with a light blue collar and a white sash, diapers in the first two seasons, then frilly blue training panties from season 3 onward, red ankle-length socks and blue Mary Jane shoes. Rosie has 3 sobs about everything.
  • Calliou usually shows love to Rosie. In the episodes "Halloween" and "Caillou's a Clown", she was scared of clowns, but he was able to convince her to not be afraid of them.
  • It is shown in "Olive Muddle" that Rosie likes olives.
  • Rosie's favourite song is "Ring Around the Rosie."
  • Rosie doesn't like beans, as shown in the episode "Caillou becomes a waiter".



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