Paul Hinkle


May 30 , 1939


58 (During Series) 74 (Now)


Nancy Hinkle (sister)

50354 8095842429 7416 n
Paul Hinkle  is a nice old man who lives right next door to Caillou. He likes having fun with Caillou and Rosie.

Mr.Hinkle has lived in the Caillou Neighborhood and has a 2 story red house. He has an older sister named Nancy who has a pet rabbit named Snowball she also appeared in the episodes Farmer for the day and Mystery carrots.


  • Caillou is no longer afraid
  • Friends
  • Halloween
  • Caillou hurts himself
  • Mystery carrots
  • Baseball
  • Garage sale
  • Too many cooks
  • Cailou's new tree
  • Caillou the mailman
  • Sarah's paper route
  • Farmer for the Day
  • Rocketship adventures
  • Caillou and the puppies
  • No more training wheels (cameo)

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