This is a list of Missing objects and things that have been have been given or bought by characters on Caillou and have never been seen again.


Object Apperance Descrpition Owner
Dinosouar sweater Caillou's birthday Present for Grandma Caillou
The Canteen Camping with Grandpa Grandpa's canteen Grandpa
Big bear Caillou goes to a theme park Bear Caillou won Caillou
White and Blue Chair Helping Daddy Chair Daddy fixed Caillou's Daddy
Gilbert's house Cat house House Caillou made for Gilbert Gilbert
Gilbert's bed Caillou's new memeber of the family Bed Caillou's Daddy made Gilbert Gilbert
Blue bookshelf Caillou and Daddy Bookshelf Caillou made for Caillou's Mommy Caillou's Mommy
Teddy shirt Teddy Shirt Caillou's old shirt that he gave to Teddy Teddy

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