This is a List of Locations in the Caillou franchise.

Caillou's House

A blue 2-story house were Caillou and his family live. There is a basement. On the 1st Floor there is a living room with blue sofas in it, a kitchen and a dining room. On the 2nd Floor is Caillou's room, Rosie's room, the playroom, the bathroom which has a red bathtub in it and Caillou's parent's room.


The playschool is were Caillou goes to school. The playschool seems to be small with only Ms.Martin's classroom in it. There is a playground outside. Inside there is a fishtank and a library and lots of other things. There are 7 kids in playschool: Caillou, Leo, Clementine, Jeffery, Jason, Emma and Xavier. The playschool Episode is Caillou at Daycare & All in a day's work

The Park

The park has appeared in a lot of episodes. It first appearance was in Big Slide. There is a playground with a large slide, swing set and a sand box at the playground area. In the episodes, Caillou is afraid of dogs and Dogs with Jobs, it is mentioned that there is a dog park but it is never seen in an episode. In the episode, Leo's Lost Dinosaur it is revaled a lost and found exists Caillou visits it after Leo loses his dinosaur, Dino.The newest attraction at The Park is the twisty slide.

Grandparents House

Grandpa and Grandma house is red 2 story house. It is in Caillou's neighborhood. it has a basement. On the first floor is a living room and kitchen and Grandma and Grandpa's room. The is 2nd floor is small only has a guest room whcih Caillou and Rosie sleep in the episode, Weekend at Grandparents.

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