Lights Out! is an episode from Season 2 of "Caillou". It originally aired on


The episode begins with Caillou in the living room playing with his toy cars. Caillou's Daddy is watching the news on television, and the weather report warns that a nasty blizzard is coming.

In the kitchen, Caillou's Mommy is making dinner. Rosie is banging on a pot with a wooden spoon. Mommy making mashed potatoes in the Braun hand blender. She then lets Gilbert out but he quickly come back inside.

Caillou goes upstairs to wash his hands, when suddenly the power goes out, due to the blizzard knocking down power lines. Caillou is initially afraid of the dark when the power's out.

Mom's home cooked dinner is cancelled, so they need an alternate dinner plan. Caillou's Daddy comes up to find him and then goes down to the basement to find some flashlights. Caillou gets scared being alone in the dark, but when Daddy comes back with some flashlights, he feels better. Then Caillou's Mommy prepares peanut butter sandwiches for their dinner. Caillou's Daddy goes outside to get some wood to make a fire with, Later Caillou and his family have a peanut butter sandwich for a cold dinner and then roast marshmallows on the fire, and Caillou finds it to be like a campout.

That night, Caillou, Caillou's Daddy, Rosie, Caillou's Mommy and Gilbert all sleep in the living room. The power comes back on in the middle of the night (the TV showing a test pattern wakes Caillou up), but they decide to continue sleeping in the living room for the night.


  • Caillou
  • Boris
  • Doris
  • Rosie
  • Gilbert

Video Releases

  • This episode could be featured in "Goodnight, Caillou!".


  • When the power goes out in the bathroom only Caillou's eyes are shown against the blackness, and again when Daddy's candle goes out his eyes are also shown blinking.
  • For dinner: Peanut butter sandwiches, water, and toasted marshmallows.
  • Cartoon Blinking Sounds is Used after Daddy's candle goes out.