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Julie in Season 1.

Julie is Caillou's babysitter. She is 15 years old. Julie likes playing with Caillou and Rosie.

When Julie first appeared in an episode in season 1, Caillou didn't like her at first but they later became friends. She is 11th verified person to reach the age of 17. In Season 1, she wears a blue coat which changes to a green coat in Seaons 2-3. It is unknown what happened to Julie as she hasn't appeared since the episode "Caillou becomes a waiter" in Season 3. In Season 4, Grandma or Grandpa babysit Caillou and Rosie instead. It is rumored that Julie and Boris are having a super secret friendship. Mommy is unaware of such a foul ship. Evidence: Daddy drives Julie home all the time.
Age: 17
Occupation: Babysitter
Gender: Female

Appeared in

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