The episode opens with Caillou and Rosie eating lunch. Doris helps Rosie cut her spaghetti she then offers to help Caillou. Caillou refuses saying he is not a baby like Rosie anymore, he then asks to call his Grandma. Doris says she can help him dial the phone Caillou says he can do it himself. Caillou goes outside and sees Boris painting the house Caillou asks to help but Boris says no it's too complicated he then suggests that Caillou goes inside and paint a picture for Grandma. Caillou sadly agrees. When Caillou can't reach his finger paints he asks Doris to help him. Doris leaves to put Rosie down for her nap. Seeing Gilbert rub up against Rosie's dollhouse inspires Caillou to paint a house just like Boris. He sets off to work. A few minstes later Caillou walks outside where Boris is finishing his work. Boris asks how Caillou's picture for Grandma is going. Caillou says he paints Rosie's dollhouse. However Boris mistakes it that Caillou has painted a picture of Rosie's dollhouse and complementing him for it. Caillou asks about Boris' wet paint sign and Boris explains to him what it is. Boris is washing his brush when Caillou comes in and shows him his "wet paint sign" causing Boris to wonder what Caillou has really been up to. Caillou and Boris return to the bedroom to find that Gilbert has gotten to the mess leaving pawprints on the floor and wall. Caillou apologizes to Boris for the mess Boris tells Caillou that his finger paints are for paper only. Caillou says he only wanted to help paint the house. However Boris says he does not think that Caillou is ready for that yet and he asks Caillou to help clean up the mess.

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