Caillou Mommy 2
Vital statistics
Name Doris
Gender Female
Race White
Age 48
Family Caillou (son), Rosie (daughter), Daddy (husband), Gilbert (pet), Rosemary (mother-in-law), Hadley (father-in-law)
Hair Brown

Mommy is Caillou's primary caregiver, she often tells Caillou she is too busy to do anything with him or Rosie. Nevertheless, Mommy typically spends time with them in every episode. She manages the family's bills and finances, as mentioned in the episode Caillou's All Alone when Mommy told Caillou that she was too busy counting bills to play with him. Unlike the characters of Grandma and Grandpa (from Daddy's side of the family), Mommy's parents are never seen or heard of in the entire series. Her real name is Doris. And She is also the mother of Caillou and Rosie


Mommy is a very beautiful woman and usually wears a long-sleeved red sweater with frilly yellow cuffs and collar, a blue headband, fashionable long blue pants and blue shoes with green soles and bows. It is unknown whether her pants are jeans. Mommy wears a red jacket, white blouse, blue skirt and high heel pumps to go to work and for formal nights, she wears a lovely strap-less knee-length red dress.


She appears in about 93% or 214 of the 229 Caillou episodes.

Caillou's promise: she told Caillou to play nicely with his little sister not tattle on her and she asked Caillou to promise to let Rosie to play with him.


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