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Christmas is an episode in Season 4.


It is Christmas Eve and Caillou's Mommy has just made some Christmas cookies and Caillou loves them. Caillou looks at the Christmas tree in the Living room and wonders what new presents Santa will bring when he comes. Caillou's Daddy tells Caillou and Rosie that they must be asleep in order for Santa to come. After dinner, Caillou's Daddy has Christmas Cookie. Caillou reminds him to save some for Santa. Caillou takes some cookies to the living room near the tree. Caillou then thinks that they should clean the fire place since Santa will be coming down it. Caillou's Daddy thinks it is a good idea. That night Caillou is determined to saty up to see Santa coming. He does for a long time and decides to close his eyes for just a minet but falls a sleep and has a dream: He is helping Santa who is needing to deliver presents. He doesn't know were Jason and Jeffery live so Caillou tells him. Santa thinks Caillou is a very good helper. Then Santa can be heard outside of Caillou's house.


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