The Character episode apperances is a list of each Caillou character and how many episodes they appear in.

List of number of episodes

The list includes the number of episodes the character appears in and the percentage. percents are rounded up or down the nearst hundredth. Each episode is apporixmately .43% of the total show.

Rank Character Episodes Percent First appearacne
1 Caillou 229 100 Caillou makes Cookies
2 Caillou's Mommy 214 93 Caillou makes Cookies
3 Rosie 174 76 Caillou makes Cookies
4 Caillou's Daddy 173 76 Caillou makes Cookies
5 Gilbert 58 25 Caillou makes Cookies|
6 Leo 42 18 Caillou at daycare
7 Clementine 35 15 Caillou at daycare
8 Grandma 32 14 Caillou hates vegetables
9 Grandpa 30 13 Caillou hates vegetables
10 Sarah 23 10 Caillou walks around the block
11 Ms.Martin 22 10 Caillou at daycare
12 Emma 19 8 Caillou's secret valentine
13 Xavier 16 7 Caillou's secret valentine
14 Jason 15 6 New House, New Neighbors
Jeffery 15 6 New House, New Neighbors
16 Mr. Hinkle 14 6 Caillou is no longer afarid
17 Julie 8 3 Caillou's Babysitter
18 Billy 7 3 Dogs with jobs
19 Andre 6 3 Caillou's big friend
20 Jonus 3 1 Cowboy Caillou
21 Deedee 1 <1 Puppet segments
Rexy 1 <1 Puppet segments
Teddy 1 <1 Puppet segments


  • In order for an character to be considered to appear in episode they just have be seen and even if they have no lines it is included in the list. If a character can be heard talking but is not seen it doesn't count as an appearance of that character.
  • Although the Puppet segments aren't listed as an episode on the episodes list they are listed as an episode on this list because it is the only time Deedee, Rexy and Teddy were on the show. For the percentages 100 is divided by 230 instead of 229 to include the Puppet segments.
  • Caillou's Holiday Movie isn't included as an episode. The main characters in that appear in the movie are: Caillou, Caillou's Daddy, Caillou's Mommy, Clementine, Gilbert, Grandma, Grandpa, Jonus, Leo, Rosie and Sarah

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