Camping with Grandpa is a season 1 episode.


It begins with Caillou and Grandpa playing in the living room Caillou's Daddy comes in and the tells them outside in the backyard. When they come out Grandpa talks about camping, Caillou wants to go camping. Caillou's Mommy tells them it takes a lot of work to go camping but Grandpa is able to take Caillou camping soon anyway . They later go camping in the backyard and see bugs and Caillou sees firefys and thinks that they are lights in the bushes, Granadpa explains theat they aren't and Caillou then catches a fierfly. That evening they roast marshmellows. When they go to bed Caillou falls asleep but later he can't sleep beacuse an owl is making a noise so Grandpa and Caillou move into the living room. They move into the living room and Gilbert camps with them.


  • When Caillou and Grandpa set up the tent, there is the cateen and three poles, although there should be four poles when setting up a tent. But after the poles are set up, the canteen has disappeared.
  • When Caillou goes inside with his Grandpa, he is wearing his regular clothes instead of pajamas.
  • This episode is color by Technicolor.
  • Boris and Rosie are absent in this episode.

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