Caillou learns to drive is an episode in Season 1



Caillou's Daddy is about to was the car and asks were Caillou is. He finds Caillou who wants to help him wash the car. Caillou helps Caillou's Daddy as he was the car for a while and then goes inside the car. Inside the car, Caillou imagines that he is driving and then presses the horn, which surprises Caillou's Daddy and he then lets go the hose and gets wet, Caillou comes out an laughs unaware of the trouble that he has caused. Caillou's Daddy then dries off and he and Caillou finish washing the car. Caillou's Mommy and Rosie come out and get in the car because it is time to go to a picnic. Caillou asks Caillou's Daddy if he will teach him how to drive when he is older. Caillou's Daddy says his catchphrase: "Of couse Caillou".


  • Like Caillou Joins the Circus, the title is misleading, because he does not actually learn to drive a car.
  • The line "He said he wanted to help me wash the car." and shots of a duck and an elephant are cut in the Sprout airings.