Caillou is a Clown is an episode in Season 1.  


It is the day of the big parade. Caillou wants to go and he has his horn to bring with to the parade. Rosie is excited and wants to go to until Mommy says there will be clowns, Rosie is afraid of clowns and begins to cry. Caillou's Mommy doesn't think it is such a good idea to go and Caillou is mad and Rosie cries even when she is shown a clown doll. Caillou suggests that he could cover Rosie's eyes when the clowns come by but Caillou's Mommy has another idea, in her bedroom she has some clown clothes and when Caillou dresses up as a clown Rosie is less afraid of them a decided to dress up as one and then they are able to go to the parade. Gilbert stays home tangled with yarn in the living room.


  • In the episode Halloween, Rosie is also afraid of clowns and doesn't go trick-or-treating because she was going to be a clown. That episode took place before this.
  • Boris does not appear in this episode, nor is he mentioned.