Caillou goes to work is an episode in season 1.


Caillou's Mommy has taken Caillou to work with her. When they go into the work building Caillou has trouble going through the revolving door. Caillou has trouble moving it but wants to do it again once he makes it through. Caillou and Caillou's Mommy then get in the elevator and is Caillou nervous when sees people he hasn't met before. They then go to Caillou's Mommy's office. Caillou draws Caillou's Mommy a picture, she can't play with him yet but Caillou talks to Caillou's Daddy on the phone. Later Caillou and Caillou's Mommy have lunch with Teddy and Caillou's Mommy puts Caillou's picture on her buliten board just as Caillou's Daddy comes in, he thinks the picture looks great. Caillou's Daddy then takes Caillou home.


  • Teddy is blue instead of brown!


  • This is one of the few episodes when Caillou's Mommy wears something besides her red shirt. She wears a green shirt.
  • Gilbert and Rosie do not appear in this episode, though Rosie can be seen in a drawing of caillou