Caillou Goes to the Beach is an episode from Season 2 of Caillou.


The episode starts with Caillou and his family heading for the beach. They soon arrived and Caillou saw the ocean. Mommy puts sunscreen on Caillou. But Caillou says that it tickles and runs off.

After setting up their beach supplies. Daddy takes Caillou swimming. But turns out the water was cold. So they laughed as they raced out of the water.

Soon, the family has a picnic and Caillou gets sand on his sandwich and a seagull takes it. Then, Caillou follows a crab in a shell. He discovered a tide pool. Then, Mommy asked Caillou if he wants to build a sandcastle and Caillou agrees and tells the seagull to go away.

Caillou shows Rosie how to make a sandcastle and the waves knock Caillou over. Then the family packed up and get ready to go home. Suddenly the waves knocked Caillou's sandcastle over and Mommy decided they'll come back tomorrow to make another sandcastle.

Characthers present

  • Caillou
  • Rosie
  • Boris
  • Doris



  • When Caillou fell down, he was laughing he should've cried.