Caillou goes shopping is a episode from Season 4. 


Caillou is acting silly, trying to amuse his sister Rosie. It's working pretty well, too. He imagines that he's an actual clown, with a performing seal named Sammy. Next, he decides to draw a picture of a clown for Rosie. At first, he can't find the red crayon. He finally finds it, but it's really worn down and stubby. In fact, all of Caillou's crayons are getting to be like that. Mommy agrees that it's time to go shopping. They go on their shopping trip and Caillou asks if they're going to be buying anything else at the store. Mommy says that they are. They also need toilet paper, lightbulbs and new socks for Rosie. Mommy wonders if Caillou can remember all that. At first, he has trouble with it, so Mommy suggests making a song out of it. Caillou does this and soon has the shopping list memorized. He's able to recall it perfectly once they're at the store. He helps Mommy to find everything they need, but is a bit disappointed that they're done with their shopping because now there's nothing else to look for. Just then, though, he spots Sarah. She has a list of school supplies, so Caillou asks if he can help her find them. She agrees and Caillou quickly finds everything, even counting the five notebooks that she needs. On the way home, Rosie does a little clowning of her home by wearing her new socks on her ears.