Caillou at Daycare is an episode from Season 1 of "Caillou". It originally aired on

Mommy and Caillou are going to play school which Caillou is very scared about. But Caillou's Mommy has to go to work with red jacket, and skirt and high heel pumps. He cries when Caillou's Mommy leaves. Ms.Martin gives him some apple juice and asks him if he wants her to introduce him to the other students in the class which he doesn't. Caillou then begins to play with some blocks but then Leo comes yells 'Hey those are my blocks' . Caillou cries again and leaves. Then Clementine shows him the arts and crafts at play school. Leo wants to play now so he promises he will let Caillou play with the blocks and make a castle if he teaches him to draw. They agree, and have fun playing and Caillou doesn't even notice that Caillou's Daddy is waiting for him.



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