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Caillou Visits the Doctor is an episode in Season 1


Caillou is afraid of going to the doctor. Caillou's Mommy tries to warn him that there is noting to be be afraid of but Caillou won't listen. Soon, it is time for his appointment and Caillou tries to hide. In the doctor's office, when the Doctor tries to look at Caillou's ear, Caillou starts crying. Caillou has brought his dinosaur and The Doctor looks inside his dinosaur's ear and shows Caillou that there is nothing to be afraid of, Caillou feels less nervous and lets The Doctor look in his ear. but before the Doctor looks in Caillou's ear, she lets Caillou look in a Teddy bear's ear to see that it's not scary. The rest of the apointment goes well. At home Caillou tries to look in Gilbert's ear but he quickly leaves. Next Caillou looks in Rosie's ear, she laughs and then the two of them find Grandma. She is asleep on the sofa in the living room. They turn on the flashlight and Grandma wakes up and then they all laugh.


  • At The Beginning Of The episode The Baby Crying Sound And a Different Drill Sound Can Be heard.
  • This is the first time the "Circus scream" sound effect is used (Caillou's agonized response to the doctor looking into his ear). It would later be utilized in even bigger use in said episode and a couple of others after it.

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