Home video releases of Caillou in the United States.

All video releases listed below were distributed by Waner Bros. Home Video and Paramount Home Video.


Cover Title Released
CaillouVHS FurryFriends Caillou's Furry Friends September 11, 2001
CaillouVHS CaillouTheExplorer (Original release)
CaillouVHS CaillouTheExplorer2004 (2004 reissue)
Caillou the Explorer September 11, 2001 (original);
August 3, 2004 (Paramount release)
CaillouVHS GoodbyeWinterHelloSpringtime Goodbye Winter, Hello Springtime! March 26, 2002
CaillouVHS IWanttoGrowUp! (Original release)
CaillouVHS IWanttoGrowUp2004Version (2004 reissue)
I Want to Grow Up! March 26, 2002 (original);
August 3, 2004 (Paramount release)

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