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Caillou Makes Cookies is an episode from Season 1 of "Caillou". It originally aired on


Caillou is in the living room playing loudly with his drum. Caillou's Mommy comes in and tells him to be quiet so Caillou plays with another toy but Caillou's Mommy comes back in and wants him to be even more quiet. So Caillou sees a book with cookies and decides he wants to make some. Caillou goes to the kitchen and gets dizzy looking at things high up on the shelf. Then the jar of honey falls down. Gilbert comes in. Caillou opens the jar of honey, and the honey falls on the ground and goes all over the place. Caillou decides to make honey cookies - round ones, skinny ones, flat ones, and fat ones - Caillou's Mommy came in and is very mad at Caillou for making the mess and they clean it up. Later the 2 of them make cookies and this time Caillou's Mommy makes a mess. They finish making them. The next day Caillou's family eats lunch outside they have cookies for dessert. Caillou goes to sandbox and throughs sand into the air. Caillou's Daddy asks him what he's making, and he says he is making a big mess.



  • The toy that Caillou plays with after he is told to play something quiet resembles a LEGO set is visible.

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