Caillou Makes a New Friend is an episode from Season 1 of “Caillou”.



Grandpa has taken Caillou to the park. Caillou is playing in the sandbox when a boy named Jim comes. He wants to play in the sandbox, too. Caillou plays with him. When Jim pushes Caillou's sandcastle down, Caillou gets angry. Then, Jim takes up too much room in the sandbox, making Caillou even more angry. He runs and tells Grandpa about what happened. Caillou's Grandpa tells Caillou he should swing on the swings so Jim won't bother him. Jim's mommy is mad at Jim for getting into trouble, but likes Grandpa's idea.

Caillou and Jim go on the swings but Jim wants Caillou to push him first, but Caillou doesn't want to, but Jim won't let him go on the swings. Then Caillou decides to go on the slide but Jim ran and was about to go first. Having enough, Caillou tells Jim he doesn't want to play with him anymore and runs to his grandpa crying.

When Jim's mommy and Caillou's grandpa saw him crying, his grandfather comforts him. Confused, Jim tells his mommy that he's doesn't know why Caillou won't play with him, Caillou angrily and tearfully said that Jim always wants to be first at everything. Jim's mommy scolds her son telling him that he has to take turns when he plays with other kids. Jim apologizes to Caillou and they start to get along better and became friends.


  • Jim has made his only other appearance in the episode Caillou's Sailboat.
  • Caillou also makes the same cry sound effect from "Caillou Visits the Doctor" and "Caillou Joins the Circus".
  • Caillou cries twice in this episode and "Caillou at Daycare."
  • Gilbert, Doris, Boris and Rosie are absent in this episode (they are not seen or even mentioned during the episode).
  • This episode was banned because of Jim's bullying being a bit too realistic.


  • Caillou calls Grandpa "Grandma" at one point.