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"Caillou learns to swim" is an episode in season 1.
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At first, Caillou is afraid of the water. Caillou's Daddy tries to get him to come but he won't do it. Instead he plays in the baby pool with his mother and Rosie. Caillou's Mommy asks him about going back to pool again in a few days which he wants to. When they go back, Caillou practices some more and shows his daddy who continues to teach him how to swim. Then Caillou gets nervous and begins to stop swimming, and almost drowns! But his daddy is there and makes sure that he is okay.


  • When Boris says "swim to me", it's a reference to the miracle maker when Jesus said "come to me".
  • Shouldn't it be easy for Caillou to swim since the pool isn't very deep?

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