Caillou Learns to Skate is an episode from Season 1 of Caillou.


Caillou's Daddy has just made a skating rink outside. Caillou is watching hockey on TV and wants to skate. He thinks it will be easy, but once he gets on the skating rink he reailizes it is harder.

Caillou's Daddy gives Caillou a chair to skate with it becomes a little easier.

This fail incident makes him start crying. Caillou's Mommy helps him up and this time Caillou starts skating and doesn't fall down.

Caillou's Daddy makes some hot chocolate CaIllou lands on the snow because he doesn't know how to turn on the skating rink. Caillou's Daddy says after Caillou learns how to turn he will be ready for a hockey stick.


  • Although Caillou is primarily seen wearing a yellow winter jacket, his dull beige shirt is clearly visible when he says he can be the "fastest skater in the world".


  • Rosie and/or Gilbert are mysteriously absent.
  • The ice skating pond is never seen again, probably the producers removed it altogether after this episode.