Caillou Helps Out is a episode in season 6, episode 8.


Caillou Helps Out is a episode where Caillou helps Rosie while teething.


It is a beautiful day and Caillou and his family are having spaghetti dinner. Caillou's mom notices how Rosie has not ate a single thing. Then Caillou asks why to his mom and Rosie starts crying. She throws her bunny on the floor and keeps on crying. Later that night, Caillou's dad plays with Caillou. When Caillou goes sleep, Rosie still cries. Caillou thinks how he can comfort her. Then he brings a toy fire truck. Rosie accidentally presses the siren and Rosie yells out a big “No!” And cries. Caillou hears the door squeak open and sees it is Gilbert. Rosie later begs for her bunny and weeps. Caillou and Gilbert go downstairs in the kitchen and search. When he returns with it later. He tells her a story and kisses her.

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