Caillou Hates Vegetables is an episode in Season 1. It is the first Caillou episode that Grandpa appears in.


Back when Caillou was 3 years old he hated vegetables. Caillou's Mommy and Caillou's Daddy tell him to eat his vegetables. Caillou wants to have cookies and he finds the cookie jar. Caillou's Mommy says he can have cookies after he eats his vegetables. Caillou's Daddy says he loves vegetables. Caillou tells him to eat his vegetables but he won't eat them, he tells Caillou to eat them, so Caillou eats them. Then Grandpa arrives and takes Caillou to the park. At the park Caillou sees a caterpillar. Grandpa tells him that caterpillars turn into butterflies. Caillou then sees a bird that is looking worms to eat and then they see a squirrel collecting nuts for the winter. Grandpa has brought some nuts to give the squriell. Caillou takes one and tries to give it to the squirrel but it runs away. When Caillou and Grandpa return home they are as hungry as bears. In the kitchen Grandma has made peas and carrots. Caillou isn't happy but Grandpa tells him that bears eat berries and that peas and carrots are their berries. Caillou roars like a bear. Caillou tries one and then begins eating them. Later Caillou's Mommy and Caillou's Daddy come to get Caillou. Grandpa and Caillou jump out from behind the sofa and the living room, and roar like bears Grandpa says we ate alll our vegetables, Caillou says 'we ate our berries. Then it is time for dessert and Caillou gets the cookies he wanted earlier.



  • The caterpillar seen at the park sometimes is seen in the Caillou Intro
  • Gilbert and Rosie do not appear in this episode.
    • This marks the first time where Gilbert does not appear.