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The episode starts with Caillou is sad because he has nobody to play with. Grandma asks if has any friends but caillou says no. So  Grandma sits closer to him, and Grandma saysClementine is his friend showing a flashback: They are seen  in playschool, with Caillou asking Clementine if he could have candy she says no but then says yes and then spills  all  the candy out.  Then she puts the "' 'yellow  ones" in a row , then Caillou then is abou to one but the Ms. Martin says in was on the floor. Then  she takes out clean candy. Then Grandma says Leo is also his friend showing another flashback: Caillou and Leo are laughing  on the swings, when Mommy asks what is so funny but Caillou says nothing, then they continue laughing.  Grandma says thats 2 friends, then she if he any other friends , but he says no. Then Grandma says Gilbert is his friend  showing the final flashback: Caillou and Gilbert are on the bed playing and then hugs him as the flashback  ends, making 3 friends.  Caillou is now even happier that he has more then he relizes  Rosie and Mr. Hinkle are also his friends making  5 friends.  Then Caillou sees  Mommy and Daddy are coming  saying that they are also his friends, making 7 friends. Then Mommy says that Grandma is also his friend, making a total of 8 friends.

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