Caillou's Toy airplane is an episode from Season 2 of "Caillou".


Caillou and his best friend Leo are playing in the back yard at the sand box. Leo has made a farm, Caillou has a toy barn, 2 farmers and truck, Caillou likes the truck best but Leo wants to play with it so Caillou remembers he has a toy airplane and wants to get so both of them will have something special to play with. They then go in the house to look for in Caillou's room they look in his closet and under his bed. They don't find the Airplane, but do find a Bulldozer and a wagon which Leo thinks would be good for the farm. They move on to the playroom in a cabnet they pull things out and make a mess. Caillou's Daddy comes in and tells them to clean up. They clean up and Caillou finds a horse for the farm. Next they look downstairs in the living room, under the sofa they find a screwdriver, sunglasses, a pencil and some coins. Caillou's Daddy walks in and his happy they found the screwdriver, which was his and the sunglasses which belonged to Grandma. They then look in a closet, Caillou's Mommy comes home with Rosie and Rosie sees that they found her teddy bear which had been lost. Outside they look in the bushes and find a gold chain and one of Caillou's dinosouars. They here Caillou's Mommy asking them to come inside. She asks them to clean up Caillou's room. Leo shows Caillou's Mommy the chain which they find belongs to her. She is very happy they found it. When putting toys back in the toybox Caillou finds the airplane ! They then go back outside to the farm in the sandbox and add all the things the found: The bulldozer, horse, wagon, dinosouar and airplane. Caillou then remembers he has a train but doesn't know were it is so he and Leo begin another search.


  • The airplane appears again in an episode were Caillou and his family go on a picnic.