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Caillou's surprise breakfast is an episode from Season 1 of "Caillou".


Caillou has gotten up early to make breakfast for Caillou's Daddy and Caillou's Mommy. He gets the cereal out. Then he hears Rosie wake up and he decides to go get her so she won't wake up Caillou's Daddy and Caillou's Mommy. Rosie helps by getting the juice out. Caillou then here's Caillou's Mommy and coming down the stairs. He quickly tells her to back up stairs, she is surprised that Caillou is up so early but goes up. Then Caillou makes toast and tells Caillou's Mommy and Caillou's Daddy and they come downstairsmand are very impressed that Caillou and Rosie have made breakfast for them.


  • The tittle of this episode is misleading because Caillou doesn't get served in this episode.

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