Caillou's Teddy Shirt is an episode in Season 1.


The episode starts with Caillou rolling his cars down a ramp in the Living Room. Rosie then comes in and is wearing his favourite T-shirt - his Teddy Shirt. Caillou begins to drop the car he was playing with and starts crying, then calls his mother as he feels mad!  Mommy comes in and says the shirt is to small for him too wear but he says it is not to small and tells her to let him wear it. Mommy gives Rosie her Mouse Shirt and Caillou (who gets his Teddy Shirt back) wears the Teddy Shirt which is way to small for him Rosie tickles Caillou making him mad. With out a normal-sized shirt Caillou's stomach gets itchy from being on the carpet so he decides to try and tape it. When this doesn't work Caillou goes up stairs and cries. Mommy comes in later and shows Caillou a picture of him wearing his Teddy Shirt when he was 2 . Caillou then decides to have Teddy wear his shirt. Rosie comes in laughs "Teddy Shirt".


  • After Caillou gives Teddy the Teddy Shirt, Teddy is never seen wearing it again!
  • Toward the end of the episode when Caillou is on the bed he is wearing his grey shirt.
  • This episode has had the most negative reviews due to Caillou throwing a tantrum over a t-shirt.
    • Additionally, the first "scream/cry" sound effect used is in the episode "Caillou Joins the Circus", making the reviews justifiable.
  • Rosie seems perfectly fine with Caillou giving his shirt to Teddy.
  • Gilbert and Boris are absent in this episode.

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