Caillou's Summer Goodnight is a episode in Season 1.


Caillou and Rosie are waitng for their favorite babysitter, Grandma, to come and babysit them. She finally arrives, and after Caillou's parents leave, she plays games with Caillou and Rosie. She and Caillou play with some puppets and have show while they are behind the sofa. Gilbert then takes a puppet. Bedtime arrives and Grandma puts Rosie in bed and reads Caillou a story. Later, Gilbert falls on Caillou and he can't get back to sleep because Caillou's Mommy has taken down his curtains down to clean them. Grandma comes in and finds Caillou awake and knows what to do. She makes Caillou a night sky to put over the window and once the night sky is there Caillou falls asleep very quickly.

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