Caillou's Quarrel is the 47th episode of Season 1.


Caillou is in his room, playing with Rexy when the doorbell rings downstairs. It's Clementine's mother, dropping Clementine off at Caillou's house. Mommy tells Caillou to be polite and say hi. A shy Caillou hides behind Mommy, then peeks out and waves, blushing a little. Before she leaves, Clementine's Mommy tells her to be a good little girl and to not get into any trouble. Then Clementine and Caillou go up to his room.

Clementine pours all the toys she brought onto the floor, while Caillou attempts to explain how they're going to play with dinosaurs, and build a block tower for them. However, Clementine has other ideas: she wants to play family and have a tea party with Caillou's teddy and bunny. Caillou is upset because he wants to play dinosaurs, and tries to stop Clementine. When she ignores him, and tells him to sit down for tea, Caillou begins to get rather grumpy at her and stomps his foot. Clementine says to stop being silly, and play nicely with her. Caillou replies that he doesn't want to play nicely. When she asks him what the matter is, Caillou can't take anymore, and his anger reaches its peak. Raising a finger as if making a speech, he yells to her, "I don't want to play families, I want to play dinosaurs!" He screams the last word, complete with violent head-shaking and an extreme close-up of his mouth. Then he storms off. So Clementine suggests the dinosaurs be their children, which is the worst idea he's ever heard. Caillou, now more sad than grumpy, says he doesn't want to play with her anymore, saddening Clementine as well.

The argument ends in tears as Caillou runs downstairs to Mommy crying, who is at the table sipping coffee. When she inquires where Clementine is, Caillou says he doesn't like Clementine, and tells Mommy everything. She walks Caillou back up to his room and makes him and Clementine set their toys on the bed and apologize to each other.

A little while later, Clementine's Mommy returns with Billy, Clementine's older brother. He's a baseball champion, and Caillou loves to play ball with him. The kids play catch in the backyard, while the adults and Rosie sit at the patio. Billy says Caillou's going to be a great pitcher one day, and Mommy calls everyone over for juice. Clementine races Caillou over there. At the end, Caillou declares he wants Clementine and Billy to come over the next morning, and the next morning, and the next morning, until we fade out.


  • Caillou
  • Clementine
  • Doris
  • Clementine's mom
  • Billy
  • Rosie (cameo)


  • This is the first appearance of Billy.
  • The title is somewhat misleading, as Caillou actually did all of the quarreling while Clementine tried to calm him down.
  • Clementine apologizes though it appears as if she has done nothing wrong, though she probably said it to soothe Caillou's hurt feelings.
  • Billy's voice is different than other episodes
  • Gilbert and Boris are absent in this episode.
  • Rosie has no dialogue in this episode.
  • This episode was banned because Clementine was being bossy and Caillou was fighting with her.