Caillou's Bad Dream is an episode from Season 2 of "Caillou". It originally aired on


Late one night, after everyone had gone to bed, Caillou is having a bad dream, and he starts crying. Boris came to Caillou's bedroom and said that what was wrong and caillou thinks he saw a monster. Boris said "Bad dreams can be pretty scary sometimes", but it's over.

Caillou went to Doris and Boris' bedroom. He drinks his water and wanted his Doris to read him a story and Doris tells him its very late.

When Gilbert spills Caillou's water, Doris cleaned up the floor. Caillou can't sleep, so he went back to caillou's Doris and Boris' bedroom, and Boris woke up then Caillou said he doesn't want to sleep on his bed.

Boris said that he had bad dreams when he was a kid his thinking about his good things. Then, Caillou was playing until he accidentally pressed the fire alarm. Then, Doris went to Caillou's bedroom and said, you need some sleep so thats when Caillou was asleep.


  • Rosie is having good dreams because Caillou is having a bad dream.


  • On Sprout, when Daddy said "Bad dreams can be pretty scary sometimes," it immediately skipped over a few lines to him tucking Caillou in and saying, "Good night, Caillou.".

Video Releases

  • This episode might be featured in “Goodnight, Caillou!”.


Caillou's Bad Dream - Canadian English version (coming to this page on this wikia)

Caillou's Bad Dream - Canadian English version (G Major) (coming to this page on this wikia)

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