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Caillou's Babysitter is an episode from Season 1 of Caillou. It was the first Caillou episode that Julie appeared in.


Caillou's parents go out to dinner, and they get a 15-year old babysitter named Julie to watch Caillou and Rosie. Caillou says he doesn't want a new babysitter, but they say Caillou and Rosie will have fun. Caillou doesn't get along with Julie at first, but as Julie tells Caillou a silly joke, he laughs and plays with Julie. Rosie and Julie play restaurant and Caillou joins in, and they all have fun. Then when it is time for bed, Caillou says that he and Julie had lots of fun to his mommy and daddy.


  • When Julie tells Caillou he has to eat his supper, she has some front teeth but they are never seen again after that scene, or for the rest of the episodes she appeared in.

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