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Caillou is the four year-old main character of the program of the same name. He is inquisitive, adorable, curious and his interests include cars and dinosaurs. Interestingly, Caillou was 2 1/2 years old when his baby sister Rosie was born, a 3 year old for the first 18 episodes of Season 1, but after the episode "Caillou's Birthday," he remains 4 for the rest of the series although it is likely he has turned 5 during Season 4 even though the theme song still states he is still 4. He lives in a 2 story blue house on 17 Pine St. (as mentioned in the episode "Where I Live") with his parents Boris and Doris and his cute and very pretty 2 year old little sister, Rosie. Later installments show him attending playschool.

In the earliest episodes, he is normally seen wearing a red sweater with green pants held up by yellow suspenders in Big Brother Caillou he wears a red T-shirt and yellow overalls later episodes of Season 1 have him with a dull grey T-shirt with a bright red collar, but for the remainder of the series he wears a yellow shirt with the same red collar. He wears blue longer shorts. Caillou wears yellow high socks and blue and red hi-top sneakers without laces.

Caillou appears in all 229 Calliou episodes and has been voiced by Bryn McAuley (1997-2000), Jaclyn Linetsky (2000-2003), Annie Bovaird (2003-present) and Brooke Pynn in the games available on the Caillou website.

Caillou's Playschool class
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