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Andy (Calliou, Follow Me)

Andy is a character on Calliou who attends Calliou's playschool. He is called a different child (Mrs. Martin says "Different Children") who likes to draw. He doesn't like loud noises and doesn't seem to like doing things the other kids do. Andy also tends to keep to himself and be isolated from the other children. Calliou tried to befriend him but Andy was reluctant at first. Calliou kept trying but it was hard. Finally Calliou and Andy became friends after Calliou started doing things Andy liked to do.

It is possible, but unconfirmed, that Andy has Asperger's Syndrome (it's never mentioned in the episode he appears ("Follow Me")) due to his isolation, high preference to draw, his dislike of loud noises, and being able to notice details that others tend to not see (for example, when Calliou drew a castle with him, Andy told Calliou he should add a flag because Castles have flags.)


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