Gilbert has bureaucraft meowing above the bed. Mommy & Daddy is overslept. Mommy's going to be late for work. Mommy & Daddy wants in a hurry to go to work. Rosie wants to eat a bowl of cereal like a big girl. Caillou wants to have breakfast in a hurry on Monday. Mommy puts makeup on and Rosie wants to put makeup on, I am sorry, but  Caillou and Rosie wants to go to playgroup on Monday. Mommy start the car in a hurry and get the noisy brake imitation on for a dinger before we will all going to playgroup on Monday's luches are Beef spaghetti. I don't have to, Caillou wants to stay home and watch TV like Saturday. Mommy and Rosie went to drop by the playgroup with Miss Martin. "I don't want to go with mommy. I want to stay home with you." "But I'm going into work later on."  Caillou is crying to stay home Saturday-like, weekend-like and Sunday-like. But it's Monday morning I got mail carrier, garbage collector and police officer on Monday. But Caillou wants to go with Miss Martin and his friends: Leo, Clementine, Emma, Mara, Xavier, Jeffrey, Jason, and of course Lee-Wun on Monday morning.  Caillou and dad could have chocolate chip muffins on Monday for Weekday. It's still Monday but Dad has to go to work. Not Saturday but Monday, dad has to go to work. It's Not Saturday it's Monday. He wants to be a canal group The Pool Place advert 1976-2011 music, Miss Martin wants to stay with Caillou in the playgroup. It was Beef Spaghetti.

Daily Menus

Breakfast: Corn Flakes, Milk

Lunch: Beef spaghetti, Tossed salad/applesauce, garlic bread, green beans, milk

Snack: Orange juice, Teddy Grahams

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